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5 Common Mistakes made by Elearning Content Creators. 


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Our Instructional Designers & Curriculum Developers design highly interactive & engaging e-learning content for any lms.

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Level 1 - Awesome Videos with Voiceover

Superb short duration content  videos, with visually appealing illustrations or images & short videos, great look & feel with SME voiceover. Videos integrated into your LMS with a knowledge test. 

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Level 2 - Articulate Rise 360 Modules. 

All of Level 1 - Rise 360 modules with action mapping goals, opening scenarios, interactive text, audio & video content, high learner interaction with tabs & markers, quiz & closing scenarios to drive on the job application. High interactivity.    

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Level 3 - Elearning module with scenarios & tests. 

All of level 2 integrated into one single elearning module (html5) plus immediate coaching feedback for learner. High interactivity. 

And we also have ready-made courses in our Course Library


Level 2 - Managing Career & Development Conversations

a super course for Managers & Leaders on how to have powerful career & development conversations with team members. Includes Gallup's workplace assessment analysis on employee engagement. 

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Time Management

Level 2 - Why is time management important? Difference between scheduling priorities & prioritizing your schedule. Doing a time log & more.     

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