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The Digital Marketing Bootcamp - Rs 499

A 7 day course that will kickstart your digital marketing success. 

Batches are ongoing.

Get your Certificate on completion.


The Digital Marketing Bootcamp.
Rs 499

Sign up for this 7 Day online course to build a solid foundation for Digital Marketing Success. 

Before the Digital Marketing Bootcamp
You have done some random courses on Google & Facebook ads but still lack depth of knowledge. You are looking for  a practical course that helps you integrate the concepts to create great digital marketing campaigns for your business or customers.  

You are a student or young professional who finds the world of online marketing exciting. You want to make a career in D2C companies with brands that sell on Amazon & Flipkart but you have no idea how.

Or - you are an agency employee who is looking to sharpen his digital marketing skills.  

Or you have got a summer internship or a job offer & want to prepare for a digital marketing career. 

Or you have a few years of work experience & are wanting to shift to the digital marketing industry. 

After the 7 Day Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

You are familiar with the fundamentals of an online business - product market fit, network effects, scaling up, etc. 

You now know key performance measures in running digital campaigns - ROAS, CTRs, custom and look alike audiences, remarketing campaigns, funnels, campaign objectives & more. 

You are prepared to handle digital agencies or small digital marketing campaigns for SME clients effectively. 

You know a powerful method to research the Facebook Ads strategy of your competitors. 

As a business owner or freelancer, you are ready to run digital marketing campaigns yourself. 

You have two ways to outclass every other job seeker & differentiate your bio data for digital marketing.

You have picked up enough knowledge about digital marketing to start going online or hit the ground running in your upcoming job. 

Sign up for this 7 Day course to prepare for a digital marketing success. Get a Certificate on submission of a video testimonial for the course 

Batches start are ongoing. Sign up now. 

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Who is this Course for:

  • Students wanting to learn strong digital marketing concepts. 

  • First time job entrants to digital marketing.   

  • Young professionals wanting to shift to a digital marketing role.

What will you learn in this course:

The awesome 3 - Step formula for online growth

How big can your business grow if you as the business owner did these 3 things. 

Grow your business with these tactics.  

3 different campaign objectives to improve effectiveness

Select the right digital campaigns on FB / Insta to improve marketing effectiveness - Awareness, Consideration or Conversion.  

Improve your marketing funnel faster. 

The 100M Question - Are you adding value to your customers & visitors?

Understand how to design landing pages to add value & drive engagement and increase repeat business. 

Watch your customer base grow with this. 

6 Key performance measures of an online business

Track this on a daily basis &  you have made it. 

Develop a scalable online business with steady revenues at lower costs & predictable cash flows. 

Make a Million Dollar Resume

Learn 2 ways to differentiate your bio data vs hundreds of others.

Double your chances of getting shortlisted for every digital marketing interview you apply for. 

Track your competitors & dream companies effectively. 

Get insane knowledge of your competitor's & dream company's marketing strategy. Use facebook's tools to do this.  

Get ahead in the online game.  

Program Faculty - Maneesh Konkar - IIM Bangalore 95 / ex ITC.