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Air Travel is set to get cheaper by September.

#airtravel is set to get a lot cheaper by September 2022.

Despite oil (brent crude) being at $113 per barrel, still pretty high.

You know why?

And flight prices are crazy now.

Mumbai - Leh return flights for June are quoting at Rs 40k per person.

Why will air travel prices drop in September?


Akasa Air is launching commercial flights in July 2022

#jetairways is relaunching in September.

#Akasaair will have upto 18 aircraft in the first year, 72 in 5 years.

And it is backed by ace investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

Who has invested $35 mn for a 40% stake in the company.

The new owners of Jet are also backed by a private equity firm.

Jet currently has just 9 aircraft (ref wiki 2021) with the rest being taken over by SpiceJet and Vistara.

When they launch, what will be the strategy?

Akasa air's Boeing 737 max aircraft are super fuel efficient.

And Indigo is awesome in metro to state capitals / smaller towns connectivity.

A price war is coming.

Good news for air travellers.

October to December will be a good time to go on holiday.

Not so great news if you are an investor in an airline.

Jobs in this sector will be plenty.

And the #salaryhike will be good initially as they try to attract talent from the #airlineindustry & #hospitalityindustry.

Waiting for the action.


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