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Who is bigger - Indian cricket or English Football?

Yesterday, the issue was settled beyond doubt.

As per media reports, we now know the winners of BCCI 5 years IPL media rights.

The TV rights have gone to Disney Hotstar at Rs 57 cr per match.

The digital rights have gone to Viacom 18 at Rs 50 cr per match.

Final results will be announced today.

Thats Rs 107 crores per match.

Thats $13.78 mn per match.

Compare that to #premierleague which is $11 mn per match.

#indiancricket beats #premierleague hands down.

And some more packages of different matches are being auctioned off today, so these numbers will go up further.

This is a huge jump from the 16k crores that #Star bid way back in 2017. That number has gone to Rs 43000 crores in this round.

#digitaladvertising has grown 29% to reach Rs 36000 crores in 2021.

TV has also grown.

#Adrevenues per 10 second slot will have to grow from Rs 14 lakhs this year to Rs 20 Lakhs for the broadcaster to breakeven.

New revenue streams will have to be found.

Interesting times in media.

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