Interviewing skills

Professional Course in Interviewing Skills - Rs 499
4 hours elearning professional course with Certificate

Colorful Notebooks

Professional Courses to do after 12th / bachelors / masters.  
Preparing for FMCG Sales & Marketing Careers -
One hour online professional course with Certificate

Brooklyn Bridge

All Professional Courses Annual Subscription
All 12 elearning courses on site worth over Rs 3000 for just Rs 2499 per year

Above the Clouds

The FMCG Marketing Bootcamp Rs 499 

An online professional course that will kickstart your FMCG channel sales & marketing career

Keyboard and Mouse

The Consumer Marketing Bootcamp Rs 499

An online professional course that will boost your consumer marketing knowledge & build a foundation for your marketing career.

NYC Skyline BW

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp Rs 499

An online professional course that covers how to run an online business, covers basic online tools like FB & google ads & covers examples of great digital campaigns.  

Interested in getting a career head start with our practical online professional courses with certificates? 

You're at a career crossroads.

You need to make the right move for your future.


Getting a job is hard.

The market is competitive.


You're juggling interviews, networking and applying to all the jobs you can find.

Our professional online courses in Sales, Negotiations & Digital Marketing can help you learn what it takes to be successful, so you can do more of what you love.

  • Understand job roles in different industries.

  • Increase your earnings by starting your job earlier & achieving 120%+ of your targets. 

  • Take charge of your own career growth over the next three years. 

  • Become a star performer within four weeks at work by learning best practices.

  • Build your personal brand at work the right way - by letting your work speak for itself. 

  • Get noticed by senior leaders in the company for outstanding talent. 

Online professional courses with certificates that build your knowledge & confidence to succeed. 


for Students

Rs 499

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for Managers

from Rs 999

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for Business Owners

from Rs 999.