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Preparing for FMCG Sales & Marketing Careers - Rs 99

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Saturday, 31st July, 2021 - 5 pm


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Faculty - Maneesh Konkar - IIM Bangalore / ex ITC & Corporate Trainer to the FMCG Industry

Maneesh Konkar Director Direction One Co

Founder - Direction One Consulting. MBA from IIM Bangalore. Started his career with ITC. Has over 21 years’ experience as a business consultant & leadership coach with clients like Amazon, Legrand, Asian Paints, ICICI Bank, Cargill Foods, Godrej, Mahindra, Aditya Birla group and more. Consulted with manufacturing, FMCG, IT, pharma, internet, and building construction. Visiting Faculty with SPJIMR, Mumbai, and panelist at IIM Bangalore interviews multiple times.


In the last 14 months Maneesh has worked with over 24 startups across Asia, Australia, UK, USA & Canada to upscale their digital marketing strategies & develop their GTM framework to go online. 

He is also rapidly scaling up his own startup - in the edtech space. 

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Before this course:

You love the FMCG Sales & Marketing world.


Excited by it, but somewhat at a loss as to how to develop your skill sets. And don't know too much about it. 

You want to make a career in companies like HUL, ITC, Dabur, but you have no idea how to.

Despite not being from a Tier 1 Institute, you still want to become a Brand Manager in a good company, but are not sure what path to follow to achieve it.   

You have done some courses in marketing, but you feel they are theoretical and superficial. 

And your academics is nothing great, so you wonder whether you will get shortlisted at all for a fmcg marketing interview?

Or - you have been in industry for some time now & feel you need to build your bio data for a better opportunity out there. 

And you also know that hundreds of other people out there also want an opportunity in these same companies. So competition is tough. 

After this powerful course

You know key roles & typical career paths in an FMCG company. 

You are aware of three different career paths you can take to become a Brand Manager in a good fmcg company. 

You know basic fmcg marketing performance measures like numeric distribution, lines per call, total calls, productive calls etc. 

You know a powerful method to research the sales & marketing strategy of your dream companies.  

You have an awesome method to outclass every other job seeker & differentiate your bio data. Even though your academics or career track record may not be that great. 

You will know what you need to do to become worthy of joining a world class fmcg company.  


Course date: 31st July, 2021 - 5 pm on Zoom. 
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