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Direction One - Digital Marketing Agency Services for B2B & B2C.    

Our rapidly growing social media marketing agency services cover:

1. Website / pages creation.
2. SEO - Search Engine optimization.
3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing / PPC.
4. Lead Generation.
5. Content marketing strategy. 

We help you improve your marketing ROI & train your people to handle all of this yourself.  

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What is SEO in digital marketing? How do we do SEO - Search Engine Optimization for your web pages? 

  • As SEO marketers, we first identify high volume keywords through Google keyword planner & other small seo tools.  

  • We then narrow it down to low competition keywords.

  • We analyze what keywords your competitors are ranking on.

  • We do a website seo checkup

  • After this seo audit, we then develop your webpages for high on-page seo. 

  • We develop an off page seo strategy for your business.   

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What is SEM in digital marketing? How do we do SEM for our business? How to do Google ads advertising with an ads (adwords) account? What is ppc?

  • What is SEM? Ans - campaigns that we run on search engines eg Google Search ads are called Search Engine marketing. 

  • To do SEM, we need to open a free Google Ads Manager (earlier this was called Google adwords)  account.

  • With this we can run Google ads on Search, Display, YouTube & Gmail. 

  • Google Search ads are also called ppc marketing campaigns - pay per click. 

  • Google advertising works because it is showing an ad to the customer when "intent to buy" is highest. 

  • We can ads for lead generation, b2b, b2c, traffic, brand awareness & online purchases. 

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Why is my lead generation quality so poor? How to run lead generation as a process? How to improve lead quality?

  • We can run lead generation ads on Google & Facebook both. 

  • We ensure high quality of b2b & b2c leads by:

    • Narrowing audience using interests & targeting. ​

    • Using targeting location options with care. 

    • Using high intent lead form. 

    • Retargeting using custom / look-alike audiences / similar audience segments. 

    • Using a full funnel digital marketing strategy.  

How to run Facebook ads? Instagram ads? How to open a Facebook ads manager account? How is adsmanager on Facebook & Meta Business Suite required? 

  • We can run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp & messenger with the Facebook adsmanager account

  • Ads can be targeted for different audience profiles. 

  • We can run ads for engagement, traffic, lead generation for b2b & b2c and more

  • Facebook ads are charged on impressions, unlike Google search ppc ads which are charged on pay per click. 

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Maneesh Konkar Director Direction One Co
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Maneesh Konkar (Founder - Direction One).

MBA from IIM Bangalore. Started his career with ITC. Over the past 22 years, he has conducted various professional courses for teams from fmcg & consumer companies like HUL, Tata Motors, VLCC, Parle, Godrej Consumer, Amazon, Legrand, Asian Paints, ICICI Bank, Cargill Foods, Mahindra, Aditya Birla group and more. He has trained with manufacturing, FMCG, IT, pharma, internet, and building construction industries.


He is also a Visiting Faculty with SPJIMR, Mumbai, and a panelist at IIM Bangalore interviews multiple times.


In the last 14 months Maneesh has worked with over 24 startups across Asia, Australia, UK, USA & Canada to upscale their digital marketing strategies & develop their GTM framework to go online. 

He is also rapidly scaling up his own startup - in the edtech space which provides various professional courses in sales & marketing. 


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Why digital beats TV & print?

  • Its cheaper. 

  • Its better in targeting the right customer. 

  • We get better & faster data. 

  • We can run it for short duration also. 

  • It can run in an automated fashion. 

  • It is scaleable. 

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