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Awesome custom elearning content created by our expert instructional designers to work seamlessly with your lms.

Our elearning content is designed in three different levels.  
Key point to remember - all levels have high learner interactivity.

career conversations.png

Level 1 - Awesome Videos with Voiceover

Superb short duration content  videos, with visually appealing illustrations or images & short videos, great look & feel with SME voiceover. Videos integrated into your LMS with a knowledge test. 

4 - opening scenarios.png

Level 2 - Scenario based Rise 360 Modules with high interactivity. 

All of Level 1 - Rise 360 modules with action mapping goals, opening scenarios, interactive text, audio & video content, high learner interaction with tabs & markers, quiz & closing scenarios to drive on the job application. High interactivity.    

Star sales process elearning 3.png

Level 3 - Elearning module with scenarios & tests. 

All of level 2 integrated into one single elearning module (html5) plus immediate coaching feedback for learner. High interactivity. 

Levl 1 - Awesom Videos

Level 1 - Awesome Videos.

What do some of our clients want?

Simple, elegant videos. followed by a quiz. Nothing more. 

Conversational tone, because the target learner group may not be that highly qualified. 

Concepts presented in easy to remember acronyms or day to day life examples. 

How do we design such content?   

We believe learning should impact business results.

So we start with what behaviours would the learner need to do on the job? Some call it "Action Mapping". 

What knowledge does he need to do that? Why is he not doing it? What holds him / her back?

Then we design the concepts that need to be taught. 

After recording the voiceover with the SME, we look for images & videos that communicate the points effectively. 

Because communication happens first through the image / video, then with the bullet point and then the learner listens to the voiceover. 

Our team then integrates it into a series of videos 5 to 10 mins long maximum.


That's how we make elearning engaging. 

We recommend post learning projects on the job coached by line managers to reinforce learning & embed behaviours.

Our elearning modules easily integrate with your existing lms. 

Check out some samples that we have created. 

Level 2 - Rise Modules

Welcome to  Direction One Consulting - Top Elearning Content Company.

We are a global corporate training & elearning content development company with strong expertise in B2C & B2B Sales, Digital Marketing, Negotiations & Leadership.


Since 1999, we have worked in automobiles, FMCG, pharma, IT, BFSI, manufacturing, eCommerce, electrical goods, paints and building construction.


We create elearning content, run classroom, online & blended programs & provide multiple online courses on our learning management system. 

8 Ways in which we are different as an Elearning Content Company.

This is how our experienced instructional designer team creates elearning content that can run on any lms. 

Two Men in Office

Level 2 - Scenario based Rise Modules with High Interactivity. 

What are some challenges that L&D professionals face?

Poor learner involvement. Poor course completion ratios. Learning that is difficult to relate to business needs.

Our Level 2 modules address these issues.

First, using the "action mapping" process, we define learning goals as "on the job behaviours" that impact business results.


When we do this, it is easy for us to create "opening scenarios" that reflect real business challenges. This ensures the learners are immediately engaged & a hunger for the learning is created at the beginning itself. 


Throughout the course, we use a conversational tone, that makes it easy to understand the concepts. Concepts presented in easy to remember acronyms, graphics or day to day life examples. All the content is presented with a high amount of interactivity - like the graphics image below with markers containing audio explanations by SME or professional voiceovers.  

We also put in videos with visually appealing images & illustrations. 

We also add "tabs interactions" to drive learner engagement throughout the course. 

After the concepts are taught thru all these engaging methodologies, we round it off with a "knowledge quiz" to check learning. 

And we round it off with "closing scenarios" to drive on the job application. 


You must be wondering - how would the learner know all these interactions are present? Well, we guide him at the beginning with specific instructions

And all this is built into a super user friendly interface with clean fonts, a course progress meter and a lesson plan menu easily accessible. 

How does all this help?

More engaged learners and a higher probability of business impact.   Want to see a sample course. 

Click on image below to see our course "Time Management & Prioritizing". 

That's how we make elearning engaging. 

We recommend post learning projects on the job coached by line managers to reinforce learning & embed behaviours.

Our elearning modules easily integrate with your existing lms. 

Here are some samples that we have created. 

5 -  course objectives action mapped.png
6 - tabs interaction with markers.png
8 - videos.png
7 - more interactions.png
9 - quiz.png
3 - Learner Instructions.png
2 - layout.png
1 - overview.png
4 - opening scenarios.png

Our Services

Laptop and Stationery

Custom Elearning Content

Hire us for superb customised elearning content created with a strong team of instructional designers for a highly engaging learner experience. 

Library Shelves

Courses Library

Access our readymade content library of courses in Sales, Digital Marketing & Leadership. More getting added regularly. 

Colorful Notebooks

Translation & Localization

Got a global team? We can help you translate content to suit different geographical needs. All this integrated with your local lms.  

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Legacy Content Conversion

Have lots of old courses which you want to convert to modern formats. We can upgrade them to modern formats to integrate with your existing lms. 

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