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Come to office or leave: Musk issues an ultimatum.

#elonmusk has just issued an ultimatum to workers in #tesla.

Come to office or leave.

#twitter employees are in for a rude shock as soon as musk takes charge.

He said - the office must be a main Tesla office, not a remote branch office.

He expects workers to work for a "minimum" of 40 hours a week. This is what is his ask of factory workers.

The reference could be to workers in the #tesla#shanghai plant where they were working 12 hour shifts even during Shanghai's two month lockdown.

This was done as a part of #covid protocols.

Elon musk's statement is contrary to many in the tech world who are allowing their employees to work from home even in the current situation.

#twitter is one such company.

#meta#facebook has fully embraced the remote work from home culture.

#markzuckerberg himself spends a lot of time outside the Bay area - at Hawaii and his other homes.

Various members of his senior #leadership team are beginning to work from United Kingdom and Israel.

#spotify's 6500+ employees are free to work from anywhere.

When #elonmusk takes over at twitter, he is most likely to change this policy.

Another round of confusion in the #tech sector.

Trust #elonmusk to throw regular googlies.

What do you think of #remotework?

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