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Your Uber ride is getting more complicated. And expensive.

Your #uber ride is going to get more complicated. And expensive.

And booking an Uber will take longer that what it takes now.

Driver cancellations are going to increase.

And if driver is far away from the pick up point, you will end up paying more.

Uber has standardized as a process something that was in any case happening to most of us.

Last week onwards Uber announced a set of new product features.

Drivers will now be able to see trip destination and the customer's mode of payment BEFORE they accept the ride.

A large number of cancellations were because of destination and mode of payment.

Now atleast the driver has no need to call you. They have the info readily available.

Thus wait times for you and me will increase. As the system searches for drivers to accept your ride.

we are back to the olden days where cab drivers refused to ply.

Uber is improving its payment efficiency, so drivers will get paid within one day.

Fares have already gone up recently.

Service levels in this industry have seen a dip recently.

Time for a new player to enter and challenge the two entrenched players.

Kolkata already has an app where you "bid" for the fare which drivers have to accept.

If no driver accepts, then the app "suggests" you "increase" your bid.

#artificialintelligence and #machinelearning is actually making it easier to standardize poor service.

what do you think?

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