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Is it the right time to buy an electric scooter?

Is it the right time to buy an #electricscooter now? Already over 7% of scooter sales are of #electric. Yet, almost everyday we hear of explosions and fires and accidents happening to electric 2 wheelers. The situation has become so serious that the government has asked EV 2W manufacturers not to launch new vehicles until instances of fire are investigated. Why did the situation come to this? Why do experts in the #escooter industry need the government to "gently" remind them to make a "good quality product" that is "safe and reliable". Don't they know that already. Veterans in the #autoindustry will vouch - if product #quality is compromised, the product dies because of poor word of mouth. Then no amount of #advertising can save it. And all your millions of dollars of #fundraising is effectively useless. Of the top 8 manufacturers of e-scooters, 7 are #startups. #heroelectric is the only large player in the top 8 as of now. Others in the top 4 are #olaelectric, #okinawa & #ampere. E-scooter manufacturers - you are superbly positioned in the right industry at the right time. Your product provides huge savings to the customer. It looks good too. Focus on #quality also. In your quest for speed and valuation, do not forget a basic business principle. The customer is the king. After growing month on month at 15% in February and 58% in March, e-scooter sales have degrown by 1% in April. You read that right, degrown by 1%. You say it is because of the chip shortage. That is a reason definitely. Also address the gorilla in the room. The customer is the king. And the king is trying to tell you something. The customer is thinking now. "I am a little worried about the fires". "Why are they happening?" "What are you doing about it? Tell me". Its OK to make a mistake. Tell us what you are doing to address the issue. Communicate the real reason first. Then get your product right. And watch your #valuation explode. Are you ready to buy an electric scooter now? Reply in comments below. #electricalvehicles #electricscooters #business #sales #startups #quality #advertising #leadership

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